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From: Milwaukee, WI, United States

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About Abreian:
Abreian isnt like most teens,In the terms of life,rarely out with friends because she is writing music?Thats rare nowadays for teens to appreciate and cherish music as she does."Im deeply in love with music,I couldnt live without it",Abreian explains."My influences are Beyonce,Keyshia Cole,Mariah Carey,Keri Hilson,Esha,Ciara,Etta James,Patti LaBelle,Alicia Keys,the list goes on and on,What i admire most about them is their uniqueness,with their looks,music,and vocals,these women and every other woman not listed in the game is so fasinating to me because anyone can sing and go platinum,but these women sing with their souls.Our Multi-inspired diva seems to be so keen on what the stars have accomplished and the respect she has shown them is obvious to say shes humble 99.9 percent of the time."I can be silly and jokeful too but when it comes to my music im forever serious,when I sing emotional songs I try to put myself in those situations of the song,depress myself a little not too much though."I know everyones wondering how she could blow such a tune,like M.C or Bee,sometimes Keysh."I practice singing to mostly Beyonce or Mariah Carey,because I want to be as good as them,When I get around 25 I want to have 9 multi-platinum albums,number 1's
off the chart,clothing line,fragrence,a few movies,maybe even a book of poetry and life,Ive always been into writing,its just my thing!"We all know Abreian will win awards wonder which ones she finds most worth earning."I love the awards,you get pretty,walk the red carpet and get rewarded for your hard work,I look forward to winning some grammys,oscars,b.e.t awards,mtv awards.The most exiciting award to me is Artist Of The Year I love watching who wins that.Our princess talks good about celebs what does she think about celeb beefs?"I think its childish personally,we're all here for the same reason..to make music,or whatever it is you do that makes you succesfull,talking about others negatively makes you a hater no matter what you have against them you dont have to get kiddy with it,on the other hand things get said they may not be meant to hurt anyone or just said the wrong way they are only human.We all make mistakes,For example with the Beyonce and Janet beef,we all know what was said didnt need to be said but there was a way to say it respectfully we cant fault anyone we all make mistakes.they are both highly respected artists and I see alot of article comments bashing B.We've all said things to or about one another that may not come out right,and hurt people,thats why we think about what we say before we say it!"Abreian spoke fluently on that situation,and we agree with the rivalry in the business.Acting seems to be a career BreBres looking at."I love movies,to see how different they are from the role and then become them,Actresses I respect:Halle Berry,Ali Larter,Angelina Jolie,Jaszmin Lewis,Vivica Fox,K.D Aubert,Beyonce Knowles and every other actress doin her thang.Talents are passed down so where are her transending from?"Good I was asked what my late mother may she rest in peace Evelyn Johnikin could sing,dance,act and play instruments,my father can,dance,and sing,plus write music,thats where my talent comes from!

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