Absence of Faith

Absence of Faith

Absence of Faith

Alternative, Grunge, Hard rock
From: Winchester, MA, United States

Band Members

  • macon - Bass Guitarist (also singer after too many drinks.)
  • James - Drummer
  • Rory - Guitarist
  • Mike - Guitarist
  • Will - Guitarist/Leader

About Band

Hi I'm Will Wright and im the leader of the band Absence of Faith and we are just starting out so we'll see how we do.  Well I'm 13 right now and I have a I have a bit of equipment.  I have a Gibson Flying V, a Marshall Valvestate amp, a Boss Mega-Distortion Pedal, and i just got a Dunlop Cry Baby.  I have played guitar for a few years but I got a kickstart to playing guitar because i played piano for 5 years.

hey i'm the bass player!  i write a lot of the songs and provide input on playing style and stuff.  i can also play guitar and cello and piano, but i havent really intrroduced that into the band yet.

ps i think wills v is awesome because its so light.

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Website: www.freewebs.com/wr1ght

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