Absinthe From Society

Absinthe From Society

Absinthe From Society

Gothic, Techno, Metal
From: Fort McMurray, AB, Canada

Band Members

  • Saint Lysander Absinthe - guitar, vocals
  • Reece Cannon - bass, vocals
  • Belladonna - angelic euphony, keys
  • Lavantis - guitar, machines, absynthesizers

About Band

The saga of Absinthe From Society dates back to the ages, however any remaining memory of the old has dissolved into a new vision: In July 2007, Reecifer was summoned by Saint Absinthe to accompany him through the gates of Clearwater Hell. Upon entering, demons began to scream into the minds of both parties, and they were overcome by temptation to reproduce such noise. In time the two were separated; Saint Absinthe was torn from his conciousness across the plains towards desolate time and space. Reecifer remained, sipping artemesia absinthium.

Saint Absinthe, ill-stricken with torment, emerged victorious in his crisis, and set forth to reunite with Reecifer. As his destination grew near, Saint Absinthe recruited two others, Belladonna and Lavantis, to aid him in his quest. Accompanied by Lavantis' machines, the three rode the notes of Belladonna's angelic euphony North to Clearwater Hell, where Reecifer stood beyond the gates--watching, waiting, yearning for the brood to arrive.

Upon arrival, and suddenly united as one, the group was mysteriously sucked in and rebirthed from the crudest (no pun intended), coldest, darkest depths of the oilsands in Fort McMurray, AB, as a force not yet known to mankind.

Today, Absinthe From Society is said to frequent the shadows beyond the great walls of the Purple Palace at Clearwater Hell. Now returned to above ground and armed with zig zags, digs, daggers and razor sharp machetes, they are led by sound as they march onward through the fog.

ABSINTHE FROM SOCIETY  IS SEEKING A DRUMMER!   interested?   contact us.

 "Sounds like Halloween" - Kevin Brown, KCSA

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