Abstract Lies

Abstract Lies

Abstract Lies

Acoustic, Power pop, Rock
From: Savannah, GA, United States

Band Members

  • Tristan Johnson - Lead Vocals
  • Aidan Johnson - Lead Guitar
  • Morgan Booth - Rhythm Guitar
  • Caleb Malone - Bass Guitar
  • Ethan Malone - Drums

About Band

Even though this band was formed in Atlanta, GA, they are based out of Savannah, GA.

“Coast To Coast”, the 16 song, full-length debut CD from the Acoustic-Powerpop quintet, Abstract Lies, is one to be loved by music lovers of all ages. It’s got a little something for everyone. Abstract Lies shows the world that they are definitely ready to take it to the next level of their career. However, Abstract Lies, was not an overnight sensation or a mere one-hit-wonder, because they certainly have had to overcome their share of obstacles, but let me take you back to the beginning of this band.
17 year-old rhythm guitarist & backing vocalist, Morgan Booth, co-founded the band, one day at a Guitar Center, in Atlanta, when he met his soon to be band mate, in 17 year-old lead guitarist & backing vocalist Aidan Johnson. They got to talking and exchanged numbers and started the band later that night. 17 and 18 year-old brothers Ethan and Caleb Malone, drummer and bass guitarist respectively, were the next additions to the band. And that was supposed to be that, just the four of them. Then one day in February of 2007, at a jam-session, 19 year-old brother of Aidan, asked if he could be in the band as the lead vocalist, so that Caleb who was the lead vocalist and bass guitarist, could focus just on the bass. Enter Tristan Johnson as the lead vocalist, and that was that, the band was complete.

From February through the end of March of 2007, all the band did was learn cover songs, and try to write originals. They played their first show in April of 2007, and haven’t slowed down since then. After spending many, many countless hours making new friends and contacts, and saving up money, selling old gear, partaking in medical studies for money, etc. Finally in September of 2007, Abstract Lies, was ready to enter the studio. After contacting two of Georgia’s best producers, the band and two dogs, and the band’s so-called go to guy for everything, packed their bags and headed North to work at two of Georgia’s best recording studios.

Abstract Lies’, co-produced 16 song debut effort, was recorded and mixed by Gary Carrico (Eleven Standing Still’s  2004 album “Turn To Rust”) and Atlanta platinum producer Rick Beato (State of Man’s 2006 album “Both Sides Of The Story”) at the legendary Tree Sound Studios in Atlanta and at Nickel & Dime Studios near Decatur, Georgia. All 16 songs are originals and with the guidance of the producers, they sound the best that they possibly could. The only track not written by the band is the album opening track, which is a spoken word introduction. Songs 2 through 16 were all written by the various members of the band.

“Pretend You Don’t Know” is the first actual song that you will hear on this album, and it puts a new spin on the classic break-up song. The guy in the song actually says to the girl “You’re too blind to see it’s going wrong again”, talk about playfully harsh. The next song that will grace your eardrums is the moving “Four To Go”, which is a love and catastrophe song all at the same time. “Three Days Late” is next to appear on the album, and again, Abstract Lies, thinks up a completely new and different spin on the classic break-up song. And then comes “Lost In Me”, which once again, Abstract Lies, proves that it really hurts to have a broken heart, seeing how they put a totally different, but completely original spin on the classic break-up song. The brutally honest “Until It’s Over” is the next song that will hit your ears, and again Abstract Lies, proves their lyrical prowess, and they put yet a completely different, but original spin on the classic break-up song. Up next is “This Is For You”, which is a totally straightforward song about love and loss of love all at the same time. Talk about lyrical depth. The one up next is called “Remember”, which is about the death of one the bands closest friends, but it’s also a little about love too. Next is the album’s title track “Coast To Coast”, which is about a broken relationship and trying to repair it, well sort of.  “Say” is the next song, and it’s about a guy trying to get a girl to fall in love with him, even though she is with another man, but it’s also about confessing your true feelings for someone. The very moving and honest “A Promise” featuring Aidan Johnson on lead vocals throughout the entire song, is about being there for a loved one. “Addicted” is up next, and it’s about the aftermath of    a recent break-up, and finally being over the person that you broke up with. The next song to appear on the album is one called “I Miss New York”, which is another break-up song, that Abstract Lies, puts their own spin on. After “I Miss New York” is a song called “Snap”, which is another song about a broken relationship. With the next song “Up, Out, & Over”, Abstract Lies, puts yet a different spin on the classic break-up song. The last song on the album is one called “Baby Be…”, and it’s just an all around good song about love.

Achievements & Accolades:

Worked with Atlanta Platinum Producer Rick Beato during the recording process.

2008 Jenkins High School Battle Of The Bands Winner

2008 Savannah State University Battle Of The Bands Winner

Playing With Hit The Lights On September 6th, 2008.

2008 Atlanta GA, High School Rock-Off Finalist

And Many, Many More To Come….

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