A Casual Betrayal

A Casual Betrayal

A Casual Betrayal

Hardcore, Metalcore, Metal
From: Woonsocket, RI, United States

Band Members

  • Jose - Vocals
  • Shane - Drums
  • Kirk - Bass
  • Rob - Guitar
  • Chris - Guitar

About Band

A Casual Betrayal currently consists of five members: Chris, Shane, Robert, Jose, and Kirk. Shane and Chris came up with the idea to start a band in 2003. Together, they practiced for about a year. Chris decided that they needed another guitarist. Chris decided Robert would make a good guitarist and once Robert was in the band, he introduced his good friend Jose to everyone who eventually became their lead singer. Kirk is our bass player he moved from a small town in Tennessee and became a member of our family. With him added we finaly had our band set and here we are today. Playing our hearts out for your pleasure is what makes us who we are!!!!!

Other than that, we're just five guys who have made music our lives.

Visit our Website at www.acasualbetrayal.com

Thanks for visiting and we hope to see you at a show soon.

Thanks [acb]

FOR OUR LIST OF SHOWS VISIT OUR WEB SITE www.acasualbetrayal.com

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Website: www.acasualbetrayal.com
Website: www.myspace.com/acasualbetrayal

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