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My name is Ace. I write all of the time. I've got a few books started, i compose music and I keep people entertained.

Author, Composer, Entertainer.. get it? right on..

I'm white, obviously.. I just ask for respect from anyone who wants to come to my page b/c it isn't easy doing what I do..

Tupac Amaru Shakur is my biggest influence..I love his messages in his songs.. He's very poetic, wise...I want to have his wisdom..

Lil Wayne is another big influence of mine.. that motherfucker can spit.. i dont care what anyone says, he's on fire right now.. And he keeps goin up.. its messed up but tight as hell..

Eminem is another influence of mine, again, I am white lol.. I respect him for setting the pace for any other white rapper to tread on no-mans land..


Enjoy the site.. and if you don't, F*ck you..

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