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DOWNLOAD THE MIXTAPE FOR FREE AT - ;born on march 6Th 1985 in Germany was a military brat from his father being in the military. At a young age Ace and his family moved several places around the world including the US. At the young age of about 9 Ace had a deep passion for music. Growing up Ace would see things that were hard for him to explain living in a middle class home while his father was in the military to then dropping to lower income levels after Aces mother and father divorced. It was at this time this misguided youth started to write down his feelings in the form of poetry. Loving music so much Ace began to make poetry actual music. Since Ace was around so much kayos, violence, drugs,and gang activity saturated in the street life Ace began to write about real life situations that he experienced everyday, to his own convictions to experiences in his life, situations, feelings and even intimate dealings in his love life Ace exploits it all. So much more has happened but this is the short version everything else you need to know is in the music.

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