Metal, Rock
From: Birmingham, United Kingdom

Band Members

  • Leanne - Vocals
  • Dawesy - Lead Guitar
  • Ian - Guitar
  • Dave - Bass
  • Paul - Drums

About Band

Picture a powerful atmospheric harmony crossed with a brutal, sleazy pinched harmonic grind and a groovy blues twist thrown in the mix for good measure.  If you can possibly imagine how such a hybrid could be an assault to your senses you can probably just about realise where Aceldama are at.

Shortly after the band was formed in 2005 by vocalist Leanne it had already laid its foundations for musical direction.  The first musical gem was born, 'Forgotten'.  Things then took a new twist with the entrance of guitarist/songwriter Dawz, with the creation of songs like 'Hate You More' and 'My End'.  Just prior to his 6 month departure for operational commitments in Iraq the band hired guitarist Ian to get amongst the guitar ranks and hold musical ground for the Aceldama camp for the duration.  Once Aceldama were reunited songs such as 'Dinosaurs', 'Fable' and 'The Last Time' were conceived.  These writings came from the minds of those who clearly had a true passion for what they were doing now that the Aceldama circle had been formed once again.

The solid groove of Paul's double footed exploits matched with Dave's gut rumbling bass creates the solid rhythmic back bone that is Aceldama.  That in turn creates the blank canvas and gives free reign for guitarists Ian and Dawz to unleash new melodic innovations with pure iniquity, laying the foundations for Leanne's inner entity to somehow haunt every track.

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