Hip-Hop, R&B, Pop
From: Baton Rouge, LA, United States

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Gabriel Coston Stovall a.k.a Ace Massive (grandson of Jewel "Babe" Stovall) was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, on July 5, 1986. His father James Stovall a pastor, his mother Selma Stovall a teacher, moved to Port Sulphur, Louisiana when he was two years old. Stovall has two younger brothers Rendell Daniel Stovall and Joshua James Stovall. Life did not always come easy for Gabriel and his family. Losses during Hurricane Katrina and the recession meant hard times. Feeling like a burden on his family Ace moved to Texas in pursuit of a better life. Despite his efforts Gabe ended up homeless. Even without money and a home Ace continued to pray, write music, and pursue his career with empty pockets, walking to wherever he had to go. Little did he know that his relentless pursuit of his dream was about to take a turn for the better. Late in 2009 Ace met a Canadian who believed in him and his talent. Their support and assistance helped create a turning point in his life. In 2010 Massive moved to Canada with his girlfriend to work full time on completing his debut album "The Silent Takeover." The album was released November 11, 2011.

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