acid creation

acid creation

acid creation

Rock, Other, Experimental
From: Austin, TX, United States

About Artist

This is acid creation.  I don't capitalize it because I'm so indie.  I'm so alternative I am beyond capital letters.  You know what? im beyond punctuation

Bands promote silly images, try to look cool, and try to appeal to the masses.  This is the smart thing to do.

I, on the other hand, am a complete idiot and do not really care about anything but the art and soul I throw into my music.  I will continue to rock (and sometimes not-so-rock) and enjoy my music.  Yeah, I enjoy my own music.  Sometimes.  Sometimes I crank out something I don't like, but my peers love it and force me to release it.  Blah blah this isn't a blog, is it?  This is my band's (I am the only person in the recording band) profile page, man! I should be telling you what my music is like!  What is wrong with me?

The musical genre I have put on here is vague on purpose.  My style can vary radically from one song to the next.  For instance, the two songs I have on here are heavier, but I'm releasing an acoustic and piano driven song next.

If influences is what your looking for, I have many, but don't expect a sound-alike band:

Queens of the Stone Age, Radiohead, Gorillaz, Kyuss, Bob Dylan (slightly), Niel Young, Johnny Cash, Rolling Stones, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Pavement, Led Zeppelin, Nine Inch Nails (old, like Downward Spiral-era,)  KMFDM, and much, much more.

I don't know what the community is like on, but I hope you have a sense of humor.  My music is not funny, I just want to know that you have a soul, like I do.  I'm human.  I don't really conform to anything, and neither does my music.  Please have a soul, for yourself.

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