Acid Paradox

Acid Paradox

Acid Paradox

Electronica, Techno, Trance
From: El Paso, TX, United States

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My name is Ruben and all i can say is that i LOVE music, no matter what genre , if it has a guitar , or a drum, or even a psychopath Screaming things about pineapples, i will like it. I usually spent my time composing tracks with Reason 4 (Great Software) from all genres I have played drums since 1996 ( 4 years old) , and i have learned piano at 2007 (15 years old), Right now i am trying to learn guitar. I have studied solfege and harmony ( i don't know if that is the proper name here in the U.S.A. ). My Dream Has Been to Study in Berklee College of Music, Day By Day , i'll work for this to come true, even if my expectations to be there are very low( Cause it's kinda expensive for me) , i will try to give my best to be there. When i Started composing tracks as Acid Paradox , Most of my First Tracks Just Plain Suck ( in my point of view), I can't tell why you will just need to hear them , all of them are labeled as [OLD TRACK] I think my first track that got a decent amount of views was "binary"( on other site) even if it was nothing compared to other users that got like 403,321 views, i was still happy about this track's reception, i hope it will get more views as time passess. I don't have any favorite Artists, all of them are equal for me , they work hard to get create what they want, what i have is favorite tracks ( which is different). But when i give my opinion about a track, i don't hide anything, i just say what i think about it, most of bit i give positive reviews, but when something is wrong , I try to give some advice about it. Well i can still write more stuff and never end, but let's keep it like this..... I hope you enjoy my tracks!! Here's my mail : or

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