Acid Test

Acid Test

Acid Test

Metal, Hard rock, Rock
From: Claremore, OK, United States

Band Members

  • Cody Cooper - Bass
  • Tyler Willcut - Lead Guitar
  • Alan Villasana - Vox/Rhythm Guitar
  • Zach Oliver - Drums

About Band

Well, Cody, Tyler and Zach have been friends since about fifth or sixth grade. Zach was a band geek up til about a quarter of the way through his sophomore year. Actually, i guess he wasn't a band geek since he is the next Dave Lombardo on the drums and that isn't geeky at all. Tyler picked up guitar mid-way through his freshman year, and just cuz he hasn't been playing long doesnt mean crap. Trust me, this kid can shred. One time when we jammed for like 6 and a half hours Tyler's finger tips started to bleed rather profusely and the only reason he stopped is cuz he didn't want to get blood on his beautiful $1,200 GIBSON Explorer. It's his pride and joy. And Cody...oh Cody Cody Cody. He is the heart and soul of this band. He is the one that kept Zach and Tyler's lazy butts motivated. Without him we would not be anywhere even close to a band today. And you wanna talk about talent? I dare anyone of you stupid freaks that think you can play to challenge Cody to a duel. You will be thoroughly embarassed and ashamed of yourself. He always finds the groove...wait...did i say find? He is the groove... and let us not forget the latest additon to the band, Alan. When the band was still just Zach, Cody, and Tyler, we started looking for a guitarist/singer to fill the void and finally make this band complete. Alan's audition was best in both aspects by far, and it didn't take long for us to decide that we would be stupid not to have Alan play with us.

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