Hip-Hop, Indie, Experimental
From: Barstow, CA, United States

Band Members

  • T-Dread - Vocalist
  • Zach - Guitarist
  • Kamira - Keyboard/Vocalist
  • Otho - Percussionist

About Band

A Collaboration of Artists, otherwise know as A.C.O.A. [uh-ko-uh], is exactly what the name suggests, a collaboration of artistic elements from different styles of music.  A.C.O.A.'s foundation of music is influenced mainly by Hip-Hop, as evidenced by the Hip-Hop beats and Hip-Hop influenced vocal style of T-Dread the lead singer.  Yet this does not stop them from melodically merging guitar, keyboards, the glockenspiel or other artistic elements into each song.  A.C.O.A. is out to change the stereotypical view of Hip-Hop by bringing a new and long overdue style to the Hip Hop scene.  Based out of Barstow, Ca this collaboration was created by the lead vocalists,T-Dread, and guitarist, Zach Bradley as an aswer to the shotty production of Hip-Hop music commonly found in this desolate corner of the High Desert.  Armed with an artistic arsenal of instruments and creativity A.C.O.A. focuses on political and personal issues and shys away from the mainstream Hip-Hop lyrics commonly found on the radio.  The goal is to enlighten and entertain without the violent or degrading lyrics of what has now become "Hip-Hop"

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