Acoustic Distortion

Acoustic Distortion

Acoustic Distortion

Acoustic, Jazz, Pop
From: Irving, TX, United States

Band Members

  • Steve Jackson - guitars/vocals
  • John Molina - bass
  • Pete Pravettoni - drum/percussion

About Band

Steve Jackson formed Acoustic Distortion in 2006 after a 25 year self imposed sabbatical from the Texas music scene. Continuing to compose and develop a unique style during that time, Jackson used his experiences from his relationships and those around him as inspiration for the themes of his songs. After being urged by friends and family to return to the stage, Jackson took small steps to return to the Dallas music arena, where his songs and style were readily welcomed. 

John (Mojo) Molina joined the band in late 2007, replacing the original bassist. John's impact was immediate and profound. John provided that "Wall of sound" that Jackson felt so important to the overall texture of the music. John has been a part of the N. Texas music scene since he was 14 years old, playing clubs when he was under age. A graduate of the NTSU jazz program, he's played along side some of the areas most prominent names.

Pete Pravettoni, joined the group in 2008 as a fill in for the bands' regular drummer  for the live cd recording event that are represented in the tracks here. Pete took all the tunes and reworked each and every piece for a more fitting beat. His work on One Summer Night was amazing and was asked by the band to take over the spot. A tough spot for Pete, considering that he plays with another band, Tom Sykes and the Texas Travelers. Pete is a native of California and has played with several bands from there, before relocating to Texas.

The tracks heard here are from the upcoming live cd One Summer Night, recorded at Poor David's Pub in Dallas Texas on August,2nd 2008. The recording technique used was able to capture the essence and soul that the audience was witness to that night. Considering that most "live" albums are done over the course of a tour or at least a three or four night period, what Acoustic Distortion did in one night was pretty amazing.

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