Death Metal, Metal
From: Rosenheim, Germany

Band Members

  • anderl - drumms of doooom
  • ActionBassTom - ActionBASS
  • death-tone - guitar and voice

About Band

greetz&beerz - sisters and brothers of metal - here we  present you cuttings from our first demo and brandnew, the song 'Downwalk' from the demo 'fresh flesh for dürüm of death' - in late summer 2009 we will release our third cd - so keep updated!!!


We've always been a bunch of animals and for that we lived the metal ways since our early dayz. The band itself is estimated since Dezember 2005. Our first concert and the recordings for our first Demo followed in September 2006.

Our name 'happened' , because we had a show before we invented a bandname. So the organizer should present us as ActionBassTom with Band (after Tom's nickname) , but at the flyers we could read 'Action Bass Tom Band' , our style was called 'sick as fuck'. After a crazy,chaotic but fine show the crowd was like 'iiiöööööhh.....ABTB rulzzz....'

So well.

We don't lay too much importance on the sound(that does mean 'we are underground and you got to hear it',if we have the chance at a label we WILL work the sounds out) . We don't need an image or trends. We just wanna make music. For us , for fun , for beer - but serious.

So now it's Dezember 2007 and our second demo-tape is finished. 5 more killing songs are part of the heavy metal history , yeah! Check'em out at our site!

this bio will grew.........c u next time !

Part2: January 2009 - the ActionBassTomBand is still killing - this year we'll have a tour to Bulgaria and Romania, and the third audio release will accompany us during this battle !

Thanx for our friends and fans!! We didnt thought that you'll find this site, but you did - so a big fat cheeerz to all of you warriors who are so steadfast in supporting !



All hail to all our brothers of metal throughout the world ! Stay uncompromising !




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