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Hello Hello!!!! Welcome to the Adacee page. Let's start off by saying im 24 years old, born and raised in Sacramento, Ca and have been doing music for about 8 years strong now. I was in a few different groups and released a couple of different projects but am more known for my first solo album "Puttin In Time" which was releassed in October of 2007. Im really sittin on like 3 solo albums right now but plan to release one here in 2009. With ten tracks radio capeable for this next album I plan to head to L.A and look for my first distribution deal. I have done shows with Wu - Tang, Andre Nikatina and many more to list, with my next album having features from The Federation, Sacramento legend Marvaless and a few others its looking really good for me. So stay tuned in and please join the movement,  come support your boy adacee cause it looks like I have a promising future.

Peace & One Love ,


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