From: Perugia, Italy

Band Members

  • Luigi Castellani - Vocals
  • Mattia Celesti - guitar
  • Alessandro Burelli - guitar
  • Francesco Tili - keyboards
  • Alessandro Patrizi - bass
  • Eugenio Castellani - drums

About Band

ADAMAS from the greek word "adàmas" which means invincible and suggests eternity, so
much so that the Greeks believed the diamonds were fragments of stars brought by the Gods
when they came down among the mortals. From the greek verb "dàman" of Indo-European
origin that means "tame" preceded by "a" (like un) takes the meaning of "un-tame"
So adamas designated the gem also considered invincible iron (diamond). After it used in the
Latin word "Adamas, -antis" which means both diamond and steel.

heavy/trash/death metal, maybe it sounds something as metalcore?
Adamas takes inspiration by: Megadeth, Iron Maiden, Blind Guardian, Children of Bodom,
Savatage, Helloween, Judas Priest, Faith No More, Testament, Metallica, ......
Biography notes:
ADAMAS project starts in April 2007 from an idea of Luigi Castellani (vocals) after a meeting
with his brother Eugenio Castellani (drummer). Few days later, the guitar players Mattia
Celesti and Alessandro Burelli joined the band. The Adamas' line up was full to arrival of the
bass player Marco Mori and Daniele Quarantini (keyboards). So, after a short period of playing
covers the guys start to write some original songs "The Cradle of Judas" and "Into the Fit": the
sound is raw and heavily influenced from the rising Trash Metal scene. During the last months
of the year Marco and Daniele left the band. With the new bass player Alessandro Patrizi and
the new keyboards player Francesco Tili the band writes two new song "Revenge best served
cold" and "Baghdad, singin' in the raid". These tracks will form the debut EP "Exarco".
Now they begin live activity to play at party (with their friends Firbholg, Steel Crow and Honos)
and at metal fest like Metallattivo (CZ) with Uranium 235 e Dishuman.
At the end of 2008 the "Adamas" decided to collaborate with Nomadism Records in order to
release a box set "Dark Tower" with three Exarco songs. The same three songs aired on
WildLife Radio (Florida - U.S.A.) since 5th of December 2008 by DJ Sicko (Sicko's Asylum
Show), DJ Joker (Joker's Dark Carnival Show), DJ Kali (Kali's Kingdom Show), DJ Vulgar
(Vulgar's Pit Show).
Stay ready.... to be continued!

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