A Day Less

A Day Less

A Day Less

Rock, Metal, Progressive
From: Willington, CT, United States

Band Members

  • Aaron Shea - Vocals
  • Sean Ketchum - Guitar
  • Joel Pinto - Bass
  • John Welply - Drums

About Band


A Day Less is a band that has continuously transformed time and time again. Originally known as Slow Children back in 2001, the trio (Sean Ketchum, Joel Pinto, John Welply) dove into the punk scene headfirst. Unsatisfied with the simple licks and beats they were playing, the group yearned to grow into something much more complex. Changing their name to Dionysus, they began playing hard rock and metal, covering styles similar to System of a Down and Pantera. However, once again the group felt that they needed to reinvent themselves and come into their own.

During these years, A Day Less had a number of musicians come and go, but no one seemed to meld with the group until Bryant Hunter came along in 2006. Adding an edgier, angrier point of view to the band's increasingly complex sound, Bryant, with his guttural vocals, seemed to be the missing link A Day Less had been looking to find.

Now, as a four-piece band, the group has finally found the sound they've desired from the very beginning. With the perfect blend of melodic runs and heavy riffs backing them up, both Sean and Bryant paint a landscape with each note they sing. Add to that the complex beats and rhythms laid down by John and Joel and you've got a band that's ready to take the world by storm.

Are you ready for A Day Less?


The music of A Day Less is inspired by the concept of anger applied as a constructive emotion. Often anger is expressed through hate or violence, however when used in an artistic medium anger can become a powerful and positive entity.


"A Day Less" itself is the realization directly after an event when anger has translated into hate or violence. The individual quickly wishes they could make time "A Day Less" and change their particular actions due to concequences or reactions, but ultimately self-realization that their anger must be directed into other more positive means.


The logo for A Day Less is a geometrical representation on top of an image of the sun. The geometry is a viscera pisces, where the centers of two circles exactly touch the edge of the opposing circle, with two squares seperated by a 45 degree rotation. It represents the centering of one's thoughts and body (viscera = heart, lungs etc...) and is a very rough derivative of the Third Eye chakra represented in Buddhism which implies seeing slightly beyond the physical world and understanding that one's actions cause reactions (karma). It acts as a mandala to remind ones self that anger must not be reacted to in haste but rather in conscious and positive directions.

This geometry is drawn in front of a distorted image of the sun. The sun is considered the giver of life and the fact that the image is distorted to fit the personal centering geometry implies that an individual has the capacity to alter their lively surroundings by their actions. The individual has to continually decide if they use their anger for positive or negative means and cause positive or negative effects on themselves and surroundings as a result.

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