Rap, R&B, Soul
From: johannesburg, South Africa

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As much as I believe, that as individuals, we are powerful beyond the physicality of life, especially when we come 2gether, eYe similarly believe that the past only finds meaning in the present! I would thus like 2 emphasize that we all need 2 belong 2 something bigger! I find it strange that people still do not see the simplicity of the distinct similarities we possess as people. It is so hard 2 see that one plus one equals you and me. It is hard 2 see that 2gether we can achieve if we believe that daydreaming is the potential 2 be all we can be and want 2 be. I believe in myself, I believe that I am going 2 be the best I can be for me & for my Father in heaven you see! I thus dedicate my LIFE 2 that which depend on our natural gifts, again human beings belonging 2 something bigger. Talk is cheap & money buys whiskey! I take immediate action when I'm faced with a problem because I know that its probably a blessing in disguise and so I move forward not run away and hide! I proceed with this talent bestowed upon me with a vengeance on this society that deceived me! I don't question why because that's not for my attention, your name might have been marked on it, should I mention! I'm wealthy, solid as rock is how I put it because I build upon that, I double what has been given 2 me! Im gonna make it in the darkest of situations, I cannot fake it but embrace it. It is what it is! just as I am who I am! nothing can change that its the plan so as you are blessed while reading this, let your listening not be limited, as I take a schweet kiss of happiness, yes its bliss. Fuck ignorance! I aspire to inspire every living soul with the ability to see beyond the foliage, 2 be whole. Black and yellow is the answer! 2getherness apart of our lives so stop and realize that we are the ingredients to better living but most importantly you need not worry, we achieved it already! I'm moving and shaking this nation with my words of wisdom it will console your soul, Amen! Praise be 2 da Lord!

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