Addis Blackw Widow

Addis Blackw Widow

Addis Blackw Widow

New-Wave, Power pop, R&B
From: Addis Ababa, Sweden

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In the world of the corporate-controlled, trend following music industry where record labels pump out bubble gum cookie cutter music by the dozens, it is rare that you come across a mainstream artist who won’t follow carefully prepared scripts and rules. From the release of their first album, the talented and extraordinary super producer, Addis Black Widow has been consistently pushing Hip Hops envelope by expanding its musical boundaries. His unique blend of graffiti and world class music along with some good old fashioned krunk laced with his humorous take on life's hard facts even the saddest situations has constantly set the industry on its ear. But coming with new and innovative music is the nature of Pigeonman aka Addis Blackwidow. You can never know what to expect from Addis Black Widow as he has done it all from the most illest underground rap tracks, "Bus 75", "Mitsu", "The Battle of Adwa" to conscience rap tracks such as "Keep the tribe alive" or "Hood homo" where he takes on a different approach and rap the whole track in Amharic hibru - an East African language. Tracks like "Split personality" bring back that Miami bass sound and with "Wait in summer" they show his pop credibility. One thing is for sure, none of his albums have ever sounded alike. -------------- The Addis Black Widow band originaly consisted of Addis aka DJ Jah Rock, Pigeon Blackwidow and Creammm. The incredible talents of the artists stretches from great song writing to Pigeonmans untouchable productions. Music coming from the graffiti culture perspective. Pigeon was born in Addis Ababa and was sent away to Madagascar and finally Oakland California by his grand mother at the age of 6, trying to save him. He spent his life in group homes and in foster cares. It was then when he developed a great love for music as his broken down stereo which he had found in the junk yard behind the group home was the only comforting voice to keep him going. He made his first guitar with an empty can of coke. Some years later his younger brother Addis was sent to Oakland, to a man who had promised Pigeon’s mother to find him and reunite the two. Pigeon was sent together with Addis to Sweden. Addis Black widow started their career in 1996 with the debut album "The Battle of Adwa", with its spares samples and live instrumentation reminiscent of the golden era of 70s soul, The Battle of Adwa made quite a name for it self and gained major respect in the Hip Hop community. The debut single, "Innocent" was the second most played track on MTV Europe, and a very popular Radio hit. It also landed a platinum in France (second biggest market for Hip Hop after the US). They were way ahead of their time and the innovative sound was sophisticated, imaginative and street smart. Although Many were shocked and some frowned upon the lesbian theme of the video which was rather revolutionary at the time. After a long and successful live tour across France, hit collaborations with bands such as the rock band Whale, series of productions and song writings for various artist, and a farewell with their record label, Pigeon and Creammm signed with Steven Fargnolli management (Prince, Earth Wind and Fire, Seinead O'Connor, Cindy Lauper) in 1999, after hearing two tracks Steven Fargnolli flew from Miami to Sweden the next day to meet the band. Steven was the man who discovered an unknown singer who everyone thought was crazy and too odd to make it anywhere, his name was Prince and years later he sold millions of records. Steven saw the same type of potential in Addis Black Widow. They were self made, very talented, misunderstood and ahead of their time! The British record industry man supremo, Rob Dickins (Rod Stewart, Cher, Madonna) met the band through Steven Fargnolli and fell in love with the music and the charm of the strange duo and signed them to his label, instant karma records. Back to the lab, they worked with various producers such as Johnny Jay (Tupac) Buddah (IceCube, West side Connection, Brandy), Gary Wallis and Toby Chapman. in 2001 the album "ABW" was released, with three golds and two platinum, the single "Goes around, Comes around" was one of the top three most sold records in every country it was released in and the second single "wait in summer" was another major radio hit. TV performances include: Disney Channel (UK) Disney Channel (Denmark) Trouble TV (UK) Miss Sweden (Scandinavia) Oakland Youth against crime (Bay Area CA) ZTV (Scandinavia) Ethiopia youth project (Ethiopia) Channel 1 (Ethiopia) Channel 1 (Sweden) Channel 4 (Sweden) MTV (Europe) MTV (Nordic) MTV (Italy) Soul Corner (Bay area) Big Brother (Denmark) Stockholm Pride festival San Francisco Pride Nickelodeon (UK) Smash Hits (UK) The Box (UK) The Box (America) Radio Energy (Scandinavia) Ranta Rock Festival (Finland) in 2001 Steven Fargnolli passed away and the band was left in deep sorrow as they had developed a great personal relationship with the man they saw as their friend, manager and older brother. After a new set of business arrangements, performances, change of homes and ups and downs, the band is now releasing their long awaited third album, "Pigeon & Creammm" in 2005. (Instant Karma/NEG Records) and CLUBBIN 2007 Raw meat Production/ Surreal Entertainment Sweden The album, fully self written by "Pigeon Addisblackwidow" is no doubt the most powerful Addis Black Widow album to-date, an edgy assortment of flirtatious series of playfully profane gems, a reminder that he is truly yet to be discovered.

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