Punk, Rock, Pop
From: Laurel, MS, United States

Band Members

  • Brian - Lead vox/Guitar
  • Shane - Drums
  • Cali - Bass
  • Jeremy - Lead Gtr/Backing vox

About Band

...Once upon a time, in the day of dragon, there was a young prince named Brian. He was given 10 pesos to slay the dragon. On his journey he came across a farmer who was taking a smoke break...his name was Shane. Shane loved to play the drums. He heard Brian's beautiful voice and asked him where he was going. He told him that he was on his way to slay the dragon and if he would like to come along. Shane agreed and they went on there way. About halfway up the mountain they ran across a peasant boy named Jeremy, he was playing guitar and they thought he was really good so they asked him to join their adventure...he agreed so they continued on their way. Before they got to the top of the mountain they saw a beggar...his name was Will, but all he could say was "Cali, Cali, Cali" they called him Cali. They reached the top of the mountain and spotted the dragon. They fought the dragon until they slayed the mighty dragon whose name was Addyson. After they finished killing the dragon, they celebrated and decided to make a band and name it after the slayed dragon. Till this very day they are still playing shows under the same name...ADDYSON.

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