A Distortion Named Melody

A Distortion Named Melody

A Distortion Named Melody

Alternative, Experimental, Progressive
From: kimballton, IA, United States

About Band

ADNM is the writing duo of Jodi Wendt and Dave Sardegna. The team have been writing music together since 1998, first in the band "Waterface" (1999-2001 Aezra Records), an alternative rock band from Phoenix Az. Prior to their meeting Dave was the bass player for the  "96 Decibel Freaks" (1993-1998 RattleSnake Venom Records) from Orange County Calif.

The two come from completely different musical influences, Jodi the daughter of a female vocalist, started singing classic rock as a young child and then in her teens leaned on R&B. Dave on the other hand was fed 80's metal and old school rap during his influential years.

In a world of constant turmoil, where perspective is purposefully distorted and exploitation within capitalism is inherent, we allow ADNM to flow from us as a creative outlet. We are inspired to sing and create music to release our stress and culminate our ideals in tangible form; nothing is more pleasing.

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