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My second album is being released on itunes, Amazon, Napster and Rhapsody on 30th October 2008. I decided to change the name to "LowLives LongKnives HighFives". It's about various people and events throughout my life, and that about sums it up. As it all turned out I thought that "ex vino veritas" was more appropriate as a subtitle for the first album. This time around I will also be releasing the complete version of "2years". For those people who have already bought it, that means an extra two downloads to get the whole story. Anyone on Unsigned has been able to listen to the whole album for about six months. The second album will also be released in the US via 101 distribution with one more track than anywhere else.

Obligatory Biog.

I started playing guitar and writing stuff when I was fourteen, trouble is you haven't got too much to write about thats of interest to anyone who isnt fourteen. Since then I've been to a lot of places, met a lot of people and done a lot of things - not all of them good! Throughout all of this time there seems to have been music in the background providing a soundtrack to the events in my life. I suppose all of this eclectic mix has influenced me in some way or other, but the stuff that has made the greatest impression has come out of New York post-Warhol. Anyway, I've got plenty to write about now, but I'm not really the confessional (or regretful) type and I don't want any law suits so I've only covered two momentous, even by my standards, years and events. I hope you like some of the tunes or find something resonant in the lyrics. The events I describe really did happen, and the people do exist - just ask Mrs Shelton, she was there. 


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