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AES was born August 31, 1993 in Raleigh, NC as Joshua Donnell Roach to Donnell & Inita Roach. After moving to Houston, TX as a young child, AES showed signs of advanced intelligence, especially within his abilities of reading and writing at the age of 2 years old. His parents being very concerned about his education and future, put him in private schooling that he was a top athlete in. Starting high school, he was accepted into Strake Jesuit College Preparatory that he later got removed from due to his rebellious nature, scholarly laziness, and questioning of religion and god. AES then started public schooling. After disappointingly quitting on his dream and athletic talent for football his junior year, he noticed his fond love of rapping after being inspired by a Kanye West poem "Bittersweet Poetry". AES had always wrote intriguing poetry while aging, but also love speaking out to masses and listening to varieties of music just as much. Putting all three together: poetry, public speaking and music, AES became a rapper. At first being the laughing stock of the large high school system and a seemingly shunned child of his parents for lack of schooling interest, AES soon became an icon of his teenage surroundings. Developing and working on music day after day, hour after hour, with very limited resources, he rapidly improved due to his ambition. Disregarding the absolute absence of support from his parents, he persevered. From Exquisite, to Lyrigy, to Cal Wes, to Wes Blak, to AES...he finally found himself as an artist, as well as vision. He even gained his parents' support after them witnessing his ambition, vision, and product. AES is taking a journey that many dare not. He is entering the realm of an experimental Hip-Hop black hole and hopes and works to become one of the most iconic artist ever.

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