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First off, I'm the best out of Alabama at least that's how I feel. Although I'm cocky behind the mic, I'm actually a cool person to know....I started rapping back in my early teens with some childhood friends. I'm from the backwoods of Alabama, so I was never really around the street life, drugs, gangs and stuff that most rap about or pretend to be a part of. My influences are my partners I rap with along with a few mainstream artist such as Jay-z, T.I., UGK, MJG & 8-Ball and a few others. I decided to deviate from the crunk music and set my own trend because I'm not a follower. After sitting back and watching and listening to my fellow Alabama artist, then comparing my work to theirs, I decided to become the self proclaimed greatest out of Alabama. Now, I'm not saying no one else in Alabama can't rap, of course they can, but I'm the best at it. You might feel otherwise, but hey! Not everybody's gone like your music. I plan to show everybody the reason I consider myself Alabama's Greatest Hands Down. "If you lookin' for the freshest and the flyest, I'm the latest// Nah, I never claimed to be the best, just one of the greatest" A.G. "Greatest Alive"

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