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Artist... poet... entrepreneur... producer... lyricist. Just a few of the things that describe the man named Alan Hall. Given the moniker of Age from a deceased grandfather, as well as the introduction of his "wolf-like" personality.

Fixated by the identity of music and art as a kid, earning numerous awards while exchanging words with professionals and stars since the 1980's... all within a shy demeanor.

A mystery... yet temporarily isolated from the harsh environments he's been raised; traveling up and down the east coast with such hidden potential locked within his soul. Fear Thee no man but God as a father amongst fathers.

Born from a beautiful mother and a resourceful father in the state of Connecticut, raised on the east.

The lines of Life & Art have been smeared since he could remember... as the list today is longer than life expectancy.

Having learned from others as well as himself how to manipulate a poet's frame of thought while still detaining the deep persona of the piece. History has done some good after all... and it's only the beginning.

"Also... as man of few words, I'd like to thank you for exploring the mind of Age. Note that the audio might twist or strangle your perception of what a rapper is supposed to say. But also note that I'm an artist who can delve deeper than most while keeping a grasp on reality... mostly."

"If I deter from an objective to explain something else, it usually means turmoil or trouble. The music speaks for itself... and the words speak for the people... or for myself. My lyrics are thought-revoking and unusual for some. For others, they're are new life. A regeneration process from the turbulence cast down from prior mediocrity. Men who think they are gangsters... when they are just mindless thugs."

"I hope to never need cursing within my words... but if I need to make a point, you'll hear them."

"The introductions are over... time for the revolution to begin!

- Alan "Age" Hall

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