From: Orvieto, Italy

Band Members

  • Diego Grancini - Guitar & Vocals
  • Silvia Beretto - Vocals
  • Franco Moncelsi - Bass Guitar
  • Francesco Bergami - Vocals

About Band

"Hidden Tale" is a project born from the common passion of our band members for metal music. The "Agony Flames" take life in 2003-2004, the years in which the mind and guitarist, Diego Grancini, begins to compose songs that will be in this concept album. Friendship within Francesco Bergami, which dates back to the times of primary school, was precondition for this achievement. He is present in this album as bassist and vocals. Within Diego Grancini, vocalist that remind sometimes doom atmospheres, and Francesco Bergami, a classical metal singer, a woman joined the band, Silvia Beretto met in high school. Thanks to the voices mixing, completely different from each others, we have in this album an original sound. Diego’s voice timbre (Agony) reminds, in its lowest tones, Ville Laihiala of Sentenced and, in the atmosphere of intro track, the Moonspell. However Francesco’s voice (Satan) gives an intense power to the music, while Silvia contributes enriching group sound with a Gothic influence, as the Nathan Ramirez artwork.


Songs are basically influenced by heavy metal, within references to Iron Maiden as well gothic and doom music which receive a strong benefit by voices alternates and melodic terms. Just talking about the sound we found that rhythm and music speed is typical of metal style. The only exception is represented by “Frustration” that goes on a different way within its melancholy notes. The creativity demonstrated in the composition of the music is reflected in the plot of the concept, (plot that comes from Diego’s fantasy): every vocal and musical element is structured according to the function that takes in the history. The introduction track talks about the prophecy in which the Lord of Darkness will be won by a humble and weak old man (whose name will be Agony Flames). All is presented with strong mysticism. The story goes on shown how the prophecy will happen, on one hand with the anger of Satan for that prophecy (it is made through a specific voice rhythm), and on the other talking about the frustration of this old man, that he has not more than his life (it is realized with melancholic motes). Than we arrive to the frenzy of the battle between the two, expressed by a completely instrumental song, until it reaches the supremacy of Agony, a new dark sovereign, made through an impressive sound and epic. The songs in "Hidden Tale" in their full wording, both riff, vocal lines, arrangements, whether text, are the result of work and creativity of Diego Grancini, which has also provided a self production and recording of disc, realized in 2007, with the contribution of musical knowledge of Francesco Bergami.

The group is already working on a second project with a new member, Franco Moncelsi as bassist. Not just clean entries, as in "Hidden Tale" but also “dirty” inserts, growl and scream, and dark and melancholic sounds. Naturally we will find, as predominant figure of the new project, the character whose future remains here pending: Agony Flames.












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