A Great Day To Die

A Great Day To Die

A Great Day To Die

Metal, Metalcore, Death Metal
From: Brooklyn, NY, United States

Band Members

  • Jim Donovan - Drums
  • Hector Rodriguez - Guitars
  • Mike Kontaras - Guitars
  • Steve Perlmutter - Bass
  • Ryan Murphy - Vocals

About Band

In the summer of the year two-thousand and seven, "A Great Day to Die" was formed in a basement located in Edison NJ, by guitarist Hector Rodriguez, and drummer James Donovan. They gave birth to the first ideas of the demo track "New Disease", and decided that they would take this musical endeavor as far as they could. They acquired the lead guitar talents of Michael Kontaras soon after, and began writing numerous tracks. After trying out a number of bassists, and vocalists, they found that the talents of bassist Steve Perlmutter, and vocalist Ryan Murphy, would fit the best with the vision which is "A Great Day to Die". Each member of "A Great Day to Die" has extensive experience playing in bands. All have played numerous live shows, and have recording experience. James, Michael, and Steve, were all members of the Brooklyn based band "VEXT", who after recording three EP's, were signed to Lakeshore Records, and recorded one LP. They have done nationwide touring, with bands such as Candiria, Burnt by the Sun, and God Forbid, as well as playing numerous local shows with bands such as Shadows Fall, Biohazard, Ill Nino, Trivium, Evanescance, Every Time I Die, etc. Hector, formerly of "Locked in a Vacancy", and Ryan formerly of "Grail" have also recorded a number of EP's, toured, and played extensive local shows with bands such as Hatebreed, and In Flames etc. "A Great Day to Die" is a combination of beauty, and brutality, speed complimented by groove, and creativity matched only by their diligence. Music has been their life through all the trials and tribulations, and Metal has forever been their soul. They will never stop making Metal for their fans and most of all, themselves.

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