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Malsor Sadiku also Know by the name of Agresioni, Agresioni was born in Prishtina, (in the city with no river), spending the better part of his childhood in the city Ferizaj, we was Initially attracted to rap as a he was ten, His ability shown as a little kid talented in every kind of Music Style, Agresioni left his childhood home in the year 1999, and landed in the state of Texas ,in the city of Houston, where he begin living few years now, Agresioni begin wiring lyrics and showin of his talent at the age 14, Due to the unscripted flows that came with being albanian rapper, he decided the easiest way to began over underground hip-hop scene, through time he became such a popular attraction in kosova, that people would challenge him just to make a name for themselves. His talent comes from the world of rap in the late 90ís, he found himself influenced as he begin jaming old school tapes over the years , This also instilled a bitterness that started to creep into his lyrics , as he began to drag lyrics into the open and make them the topic of his raps. Agresioni started working with other rappers in the year 2003/2004, such as DMK,Klay,Bazzuka and many more , he also mention his own pride,talkin about his own hood, and also"using obscene languages in different ways, people was feeling him so he knew he had to come out , with something strong to keep his name alive. the symbol of the gangsta rap,They need to know there is a voice that speaks for them, and I am that voice" they need be hearing, I came from the weak and crumbling times, when days were running, and nights was passing, what came and gave me Mainstream, i love to express what real people like me feel, just as the reasons behind my music remain mysterious!

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