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I have been involved with music my whole life, I was with rock bands for about 8 years. I worked in radio as a dj for about 9 years starting out in San Angelo,TX and wrapped up my career work for HOT100 in Dallas,TX. DJ Henry G and I had a live mix show that we would do on the weekends that was rated #1 with the highest ratings that time slot had ever received. During this time is when I really wanted to make my own House, Techno, EDM music, I never had the time to chase this dream until Now. from the time I was 13 I taught myself how to play guitar, bass, drums, and piano. Which also helped my radio career, I would go into the radio stations studio to write and produce music for commercials. I love all kinds of Electronic and so glad to have the chance to make the music I love, the people who are involved in electronic are the best people on the planet. that's from the people who make it, produce it, all the way to the people who go to the shows and buy the music. The fans are amazing, fun, and loving people, I am blessed to be connected to them and the music. I hope everyone likes the music I do and look forward to meeting and getting to know everyone who does, please feel free to contact me anytime... Thank you so much, Ahmonster www.ahmonster.wix.com/ahmonster www.soundcloud./ahmonster www.facebook.com/ahmonstermusicmix www.twitter.com/ahmonstermusic https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYNhLs340mRfHyWzcyYYegg www.reverbnation.com/ahmonster

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Website: ahmonster.wix.com/ahmonster
Website: https://www.facebook.com/ahmonstermusic mix

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