Alternative, Rock, Blues
From: Cobourg, ON, Canada

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   Well, I just put a song up. Listen to the one "Blues Track First Time Really Recording", it is the full song. Another thing is I get a bit "suckish" on my playing whenever I record probably because of thinking I am going to screw up and I do anyway, haha. For my influences I would say Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimi Hendrix, I like Bob Marley, Yngwie Malmsteen, pretty much any great well known guitarist. I got my first guitar when I was 6, but I havn't been playing since I was six. I started to play drums, then at 9 I played electric guitar and continued to. I now collect guitars and own 4. They are a Fender Telecaster, a Fender Squire Bullet, which I purchased to relic, and Epiphone SG and a Cort G250. I know not all the best guitars except for the Telecaster but my others have great tone, as does the Telecaster. I also own a Washburn starter mini amp. No Over-Drive or anything just a good really solid simple 12 watt amp, a Digitech RP200 effects pedal, a Dan Electro Fab Chorus Pedal, and a Dan Electro Fab Over-Drive Pedal, and a Vox AC50VT amp.

Thats all for noe, Aidan.

       If you want to contact me, here is my e-mail.



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