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AIM is one of the most powerful voices for women of this generation. With her strength, spirit, and soulful lyrics, she brings a fresh sound to hip-hop. Born off Erdman Avenue in Baltimore Maryland, AIM is armed with more then east coast swagger. She’s a born a fighter, growing up on the real life Baltimore streets depicted in The Wire, and later moving to York, PA, and Orlando, FL. AIM’s diverse upbringing built her versatile flow and unbreakable character. She raps with the kind of passion that has people in the crowd screaming and up out of their feet feeling it. She writes about topics from storytelling to humanitarian problems. She addresses controversial issues and explodes the roof on silent subjects. With words like, “People don’t like more truth then the basic; it makes me sick how the worlds so racist, we’d rather escape it, dodge and erase it, then bare da pain of trying to face it.” Her lyrics only add to her electrifying presence and her undeniable talent. When asked about her music AIM stated, “I just tell it like I see it, and it moves people on a personal level, you know were all dealing with something and I'm on that level now, just struggle and grinding, I found my way out, my heart calling, ya know this is what I do, this is what moves me.” Not only is AIM a phenomenal lyricist but a talented producer and engineer as well. She recently graduated with her second degree in Recording Arts from Full Sail Real World Education. AIM’s newest mixtape will be dropping at the beginning of 2008. For recent shows, appearances, and album information check out

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"A Strong Woman"

It’s a struggle to rise,
To love and compromise,
To stand with wisdom in your eyes,
Radiating the independence you symbolize.
A Strong Woman out lives the standard,
And demands more then what she’s been handed.
She fights for her own,
and stays strong in her beliefs,
While never second guessing, she’s proud to be unique,
A Strong Woman never accepts defeat.
She speaks her mind on every subject,
And with her heart defends injustice,
Her beauty is not a curse because men have lusted,
But a blessing that God has entrusted.
So hold your head high, beautiful queen,
And show the world what a strong woman means.




"I wasn't going to be one of those
people who died wondering what if?
I would keep putting my dreams to
the test - even though it meant living
with uncertainty and fear of failure.
This is the shadowland of hope, and anyone with a dream must learn to live there."
Alex Haley



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"Dream to escape ghosts I’ve seen.
Through the vison of immortal drugs
broken wings and the roots of love,
It's no secret that I fear
I'll die young and disappear"


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