Alternative, Rock, Grunge
From: Rotherham, United Kingdom

Band Members

  • Tom Hannon - Lead Strings/Lead Vox
  • Dog Sanderson - Sticks/Backin Vox
  • ????? - Bass Strings

About Band

dudes and dudettes we're Airburst from Rotherham way, this should bascially tell you about us and if not visit


"First to grace the Newcastle stage are Airburst who were fantastic, they've a bit of a Mudhoney/Nirvana ethos mixed with a Queens of the Stoneage sensibility (does that make sense) The drummer, the bastard child of Keith Moon and Dave Grohl, hits like a pikey smashing the **** out of his ailing wife (who is probably also his sister..................'s dog) The guitarist is special (a different kind of special to some of those character's I'd mentionned earlier who'd ferried some wheelchair bound type in through the backdoor - not an innuendo) despite a slight e-string related mishap happily rectified by a bandini/skullbone pitstop team his playing was second to none taking time between his riffage/soloing to fill in a bit of lead vocals. Musically excellent throughout with interesting twists to song arrangements, I can't fault these guys, will file under: make sure you get to see em before the aging bassist, who's apparently hand-reared these lads, gets them taken off him." - North Notts Live (Oct 08)

"Mixing grunge with progressive rock, on their debut album Airburst display a sound rarely heard on today's British music scene. Blending old school Nirvana with a hint of Biffy Clyro makes this album an essential listen - get these guys in a better recording studio and they'll be able to produce something truly special." Nicholas Sawyer SANDMAN MAGAZINE 2008

"The first striking thing about the CD is the choices made in production. The vocals echo; the guitar has a fuzzy sounding distortion; the bass reverberates heavily, and the drums sound weak and hollow. This all leads the listener to believe this is an album made either very cheaply, with specific intent to sound retro, or in the 70s. As the band members are only 19, you can rule out the latter. As for the others, I think they're probably both true. The songs themselves don't show much contemporary influence, and feel like a musical throwback. Maintaining a classic rock feel, Airburst put the listener at ease. Airburst are young and show a lot of talent. Also, they are currently arranging their first UK tour, which will hopefully teach them a lot of lessons, and while they've managed to produce a decent album without the experience, it could grant them the key ingredient for the next release to be a masterpiece." Lee Johnson SANDMAN MAGAZINE 2008 2nd review

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