Hip-Hop, Rock, Reggae
From: Adelaide, South Africa

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Okay so everybody knows that skipping stages is not cool. The point I'm trying to make by this is: I need to start getting new supporters and not just jump to the Hall of Fame without gaining first hand experience. Trust me going solo is hard work but at times you have to stand alone in order to shine brighter and boost your creativity. Don't even consider having 'option B' in any of your plans, don't try your best but do your best and if it's not good enough you'll be at ease knowing that you have given it your best shot. However, persistence is the key to success so giving up "option A" for "option B-Z" means you lack consistency so always hold on to your initial plan until it pays off. That's the first step towards wisdom. Group work has never been easy, I know because I've tried multiple times and failed so many times, I'm only human I can't control certain things. What's more important is dusting yourself off and persisting after falling so hard. I started selling copies of my music in 2003, but I started singing and rapping from the tender age of 10... I used to be beaten up by my teachers in High School for messing up my notebooks with lyrics... I joined a lot of groups trying to do my hip ways. However, group work is no work without mind abuse there's always a benefitting party and the actual slave who does all the hard work.. I only organised shows mostly but I wasn't really bothered because my cousin, microphone, was always in my hand. On my road up there were obstacles, fallouts with people I've been working with, you name it. Despite all I'm still standing out and standing tall, there's no turning back. Through my music I convey messages, change people's moods and try by all means to be as diverse as possible so as not to make anyone feel left out. I've proved it, but now I have to stop. Music chirps louder than birds.

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