Hip-Hop, Rap
From: brooklyn, NY, United States

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Website: myspace.com/akaishiphop

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I was born August 9th, 1990 in Brooklyn, New York. I moved to Poincianna, Florida in December 2002, and 1 year later moved back. I started spittin' rhymes in the 8th grade just for fun and yet again.....January comes by and I'm back in Poincianna(the movin aint done folks lol). It was my freshman year of high school that I started writing 16's in my noteboook during classes, goin by the name Godfatha after hearing abot being my niece's Godfather. So it's September of 2005 and guess what.....My ass is back in Brooklyn(cant take me outta Brooklyn for long). I met up with my cousin Flawless who was doin his rap thing on some serious shit and basically thats how I'm doin this today.


From there I changed my name to A k A since I had too many names I wanted to go by, started writing tracks and recording them with a cheap laptop and an even cheaper mic, with software that was basically trash, and handing out free CD's and shit. Soon I started go to real studios layin down some real shit, started hustlin' my music, and thats when people actually started listening. In March I hooked up with fellow Brooklyn rapper Bekay, and he quickly became my mentor. On March 20th, 2008 a friend of mine committed suicide at the age of 18 and I adapted his initials A K into the name A k A and dedicated one of my favorite tracks to him, "Harder". Since then I have decided to take the spaces out of A k A and change it to AkA, because thats how people were spelling it anyway.


QuantcastI have a passion for music, I contribute so much of my own time to Sheepshead Bay High School's music department whether it's learning to use Pro-Tools and Cubase during my lunch period, Recording the chorus and helping them with their spring concert, or being the sound tech for the whole spring concert. I was the first rapper to perform at the Roxbury Lounge in Brooklyn, New York and I am still working on my FIRST full album "Runnin' On Empty".



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