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https://reverbnation.com/ukaki https://soundcloud.com/akimusicpage I have been into music since I can remember. As a young child I grew up on reggae & drum n bass. As I became a teenager I started to get into hip hop & r&b. The 1st artists I really took a shine to was 2pac dmx blackstreet dru hill. From a young age I used to all ways freestyle (of the top) but about 2004/5 a close friend of mine (dj killah) said take it more serious you have potential, so I started to write. I made my 1st cd recorded on cd decks (insanity vs reality) quality wise wasn't the best but hey you got to start some where. in 05/06 i met up with a group called cash flow which is where i 1st used a proper studio mic & equipment. We did a couple songs together (inspirational flowz) and eventually went are separate ways. In 07 i joined a music crew called basscamp they consisted of 10 members and mainly did grime and hip hop. i did a number of music videos and 2 mix tapes whilst i was with basscamp. they unfortunately broke up which is were me and 5 others created ugs (underground soldjaz) By this time i had learned to produce , edit videos pictures and my writing and performing ability had got a lot better. ugs went on to do a number of mix tapes and videos. i took a brake from the music industry in 2012 but im now back in 2014 as a solo artist . im in the process of recording new material so stay tuned.

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