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From: Santiago, Chile

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My trip began like this... It's been almost a decade since the first time I played a guitar. It was something amazing, a whole new world was opening up to me. My first steps in music were at Audio Musica Academy, when I was about 12 years old. There I got over most of my fears and my dream began... When I was 14, I attended the Universidad de Chile Conservatory of Music. Unfortunatelly, I didn't now that my dad had registered me in classic guitar lessons, which was far from my musical aspirations. However, he was right and thanks to the rigid learning of classic music, theory, composition, and voice trainning I could carry out this musical project. After 4 years, and due to several reasons, I decided to quit music and started to study Biological Science at Universidad Catolica. This way I said good-bye to music for almost 4 years every. At the beginning of 2007 I was part of a project directed by Ignacio Redard. With whom we had the opportunity of recording 4 tracks, which were never released. Because of creative differences and my need of giving it another approach, I quit this project in order to begin a solo artist project. With the 4 tracks on my hands, I knocked several doors. I had meetings with several producers and after a short negotiation I signed with V.N.A. My songs were this way musicalized and produced by Andres Decinti and Aleph Navarro. In a quite shorth period of time this trip I began so long ago was over and I could make real this dream I promised myself when I was 12. My songs are about love and most of all about losing it. They have this acoustic funky feeling that I've always tried to reach - a balance between the organic and pop music. From my soul, a part of my identity represented by chords and melodies for all those who want to listen to them.

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