Alexa Danielle

Alexa Danielle

Alexa Danielle

Pop, Other, Rock
From: Toronto, ON, Canada

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~ <3 ~

Ello .

    So I guess this is the part where I tell you about my Bio , right? Well , I guess , there was really no reason why I started to make songs , I just wanted to . Ya know for fun . But I guess most of them do have back stories of my friends or family. I came from a VERY musical background. My dad , he liked music when he was young. And yeah , my dad's side of the family , there is lots of music involed. My mom , I guess , you could say that she has music on her side. Maybe . . . alittle. But everything counts.

    Whenever you hear the word future you always think ; You mean like , 30 years from now? But whenever I think future I think tomorrow , or an hour from now. What I plan in "The Future" is to try to get involved in as much music as I can. But , hey , I'm only 11 .

   I think this thing is as long as it is but my teacher always says to put an ending paragraph in my work. I hope that you will listen to my music and  . . . yeah. 

Alexa ,

Signing off .  

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