Alex and the Anders

Alex and the Anders

Alex and the Anders

Indie, Folk, Blues
From: Tulsa, OK, United States

Band Members

  • Alex Munson - vocals, guitar, banjo
  • Tomas Burkhart - harmonica, backup vocals, washboard, concertina
  • Tucker Carter - bass, the shot glass
  • Blake Jarmen - drums

About Band

Alex & the Anders are a band of self described "Alcoholics with a music problem". Their music offers a catchy blend of blues and indie folk-rock that keeps your feet tapping and your liver growling. Want proof? Just visit the bands myspace page and hear one of several live recordings they've posted to entice you to catch their next show. You can hear cleverly ironic lyrics delivered by singer/guitarist Alex Munson. You can hear Tomas Burkhart melt the blues on the harmonica and solo on his washboard over the bouncing rhythmic undercarriage provided by Blake Jarman and Tucker Carter. You can even hear the audience singing along at the behest of Munson during one of the many parts written specifically for them. You can hear all of these things and if you're like most people you'll enjoy them. But even with the release of their debut album LIVE (and under the influence), which was intended to capture the energy of their live show, just take it from anyone in and around the band: To truly experience and appreciate Alex & the Anders, you just have to be there. And thanks to an increasingly busying schedule at bars all around the Tulsa area, being there is becoming more and more of a possibility for people interested in having a good time and hearing some good songs. The two things that are quickly making Alex & the Anders a band to watch in 2009.

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