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Alexis Gerardis is born in Berlin.
His mother is from Germany and his Father from Greece.
At the age of 5 he came to Greece with his family and started taking piano lessons.
A fiew years later he started composing his first songs and writing his own greek lyrics.
At the age of 15 he started taking guitar lessons.
Ever since he has been writing and playnig music and collaborating with many bands and various musicians.
Nearby he studied and worked Graphic design.

-1996: His first song was released in a compilation of greek rock music, from EMI RECORDS in Greece.

-2002: "Karekles/enigma". His first cd Single from SONY MUSIC Greece.

Alexis Gerardis video clip "Enigma" in the dvd "Super Stars 2002".

-2002 - 2006: Playing guitar with the well known Greek Rockstar
Lakis Papadopoulos, being always on tour and recording in studios.
Alexis also built his own Studio "EVIHON" in Athens.

-2007: "To Apeiro" (Infinity). Alexis Gerardis first cd album from LIVE RECORDS.
Most of the songs are written by him.
The lyrics of two songs (''Ekapsa'', ''Deyterolepta'') were written by the famous
lyricist Lina Nikolakopoulou while the song ''Kareta-Kareta" is a duett with
the Greek Rock Legend Giannis Giokarinis.

-2008: Alexis Gerardis wrote the music for a Documentar film about a
German Theater Team named "Ramba Zamba".
Iraklis Vavatsikas played akordion, Fotis Siotas violins and violas and
Tasos Papastamou Violin.
You can have a taste of this music by listening the tracks "Sophies Melanoly”,
 "The Palast" , " Overture Ramba Zamba", "The River" and "Lost Roads".

-2009: Alexis is working now on some new instrumental songs to finish
his first instrumental music album, while he is also working on his second cd
with songs in greek lyrics.
He is also programming concerts all around Greece and travels often to Berlin.

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