Alexis Machine

Alexis Machine

Alexis Machine

Metal, Gothic, Industrial
From: Winnipeg, MB, Canada

About Band

This is a band whose effect is instantly felt
This is a movement that is impossible to ignore
This is a band both sincere and genuinely alive
This is music heard once and never forgotten
These are songs you can sing; songs that will stick in your head
This is Alexis Machine
The straight forward, unpretentious, Metal of AlexisMAchine makes no apologies. The music is edgy, without being claustrophobic; serious, metaphoric and melodic without being pretty.This is a band built on its own unique individuality and not over shadowed by the cookie-cutter rock groups that are currently cluttering the airwaves.

"I am so jealous of the way you can create songs like this. You could easily be onstage with Marilyn Manson and NIN , and you would fit like a glove. Love the vocals. Great job!!!  "
From: Lthrboots"

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