Alex Louder

Alex Louder

Alex Louder

Indie, World, Rock
From: Moscow, Russian Federation

About Artist

Alex Louder is an independent artist playing melodic and beautiful music.

Musical career of Alex Lauder has begun when he was 15 years old. At this time he took a guitar in hands and has tried to compose the first song. Once he has invited his friends to jam. It was devilishly amusing, as instead of drums there were boxes and pans. All songs were recorded on the old dual-track cassette tape recorder full of cockroaches. In 16 years Alex has thrown study in college and started practising music. (And this became a reason of Alex' army service. But about it later). Before foundation of Hogwarts band, Alex throughout a year wrote various music for himself...

So. Beginning of 2007. The thought of creation of more serious group has come to Alex's head. That was Hogwarts. More than a year band gathered and rehearsals have begun. The first songs recorded. The same year band Hogvarts has played the first concert on birthday of Ensiferum funcub. It was the first push to the beginning of "concert career". In 2008 the demo album containing 7 songs and 2 symphonic instrumentals were represented.

In the same 2008 Alex has been called on service in Russian army. And after long year of travel and adventures in hot steppes of Astrakhan and the mountains of Ural Mountains covered with snow he has returned. And from train he went right on a rehearsal. In couple of weeks concerts have continued. In the summer of 2009 It has been decided to take new name Elzevir and to record full album at studio. While the recording band has supported Korpiklaani and Moonsorow and played on several metalfests.

ENIMOR (strange onemanband)
At the same time Alex has decided to begin a fan solo project called Enimor. More for friends than for the mass listener. A mix of pop-punk rock with symphonic parts. And, strangely enough, this project has started to be popular in some russian underground circles. In 2009 has been recorded demo ”Free For All”.

In the beginning of 2010 Alex has left group Elzevir. After that event Elzevir has broken up without release of recorded album.

In 2010 work on Enimor has been continued and were recorded EP “MAY BE” and LP “Regeneration”.

But let's return to Elzevir. In 2011 album ”Rise From Knees” has been put in the Internet. And after 2 weeks the offer from small russian label Metal Renaissance has arrived.

Also in 2011 Alex has written music for performance of Royal Drama Theatre "School of the Snow Queen".

In 2012 the album of Enimor "Not For Us" is born.

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