Alex Tiuniaev

Alex Tiuniaev

Alex Tiuniaev

Ambient, Indie
From: Moscow, Russian Federation

About Artist

Alex Tiuniaev is a music composer, producer, and performer from Moscow, Russia. Having released the highly-acclaimed album “I Knew Her” on the famous UK label Cold Spring Records in 2008, he is currently working on several different projects. Alex works in various genres including (but not limited to): classical, minimalist, instrumental, film and mood music, new age/easy listening, ambient, electronic, and post-rock music. Besides composing and producing for other artists, Alex has also worked on several film projects: Voices (a film by Pablo Alvort, Spain), Legacy of Stone (a film by Richard Douglas, Toronto, Canada), Abstract (a film by Ed Kaye; worked in collaboration with John Luttrell) and several more. His latest release "Blurred" is out on Audio Gourmet.

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