Alex Toast

Alex Toast

Alex Toast

Acoustic, Indie, Folk
From: La Crosse, WI, United States

About Artist

The history of Mr. Alex Toast is quite laden with odd stories of miscellaneous bands, ping pong clubs, and even explosive mechanisms. He has been performing his entire life in various plays and musicals, with different choirs, and, obviously, in various bands as well.

Alex's band history is filled with random jam sessions with random people as well as organized practices with a select few. The most prominent musical organizations in Toast's world are as follows:

In 8th and 9th grade Mr. Toast first began experimenting with a drummer and another guitar player, forming the 3-piece group "The Dueling Band-Fros". This group played a couple shows here and there, but never really got off the ground. Also during this time, Alex was involved with another group of friends who, more or less, gathered on a bi-monthly basis-ish to have fun and make music. This group consisted of Alex on Bass and vocals, two guitar players, and a drummer. Similar to The Dueling Band-Fros, this group never got off the ground, either.

After realizing that neither The Dueling Band-Fros nor the other group he was in would amount to anything significant, Alex and the guitarist of The Dueling Band-Fros began a new project: Fredrick, a two-piece acoustic act that would be the main source of music prolifity throughout the rest of Toast's high school years. After about a year and a half of playing as a two-piece, Alex and the other guitarist found another musician to add to the mix: a bassist who had had experience playing with a rock/country cover band. Once adding the bassist, Fredrick began performing more frequently around the La Crosse, WI area as well as the Twin Cites, and they won the 2007 Onalaska Sunfish Days Battle of the Bands on the grounds of being incredibly original and cooky.

Fredrick's success would be limited, however, seeing as the other guitarist would be going half way across the country for college. Toast and the bassist contined to play as the entity Rickpat for a half year after Fredrick's end, but they ended up adding a drummer and electric guitar player and changing their name to We Are Patterns. We Are Patterns played a few shows in the La Crosse and Minneapolis areas as well, and won yet another competition: The 2008 La Crosse Area Post-Prom battle of the bands.

During the time of We Are Patterns, Mr. Toast also played frequently with some of his other friends and formed the group Bake Sale out of Winona, MN. It was with these individuals that Alex Toast would improve his guitar skills immensely, thanks to the skills of the other guitarist of the group. Bake Sale brought together various forms of Blues, Jazz, Funk, and Jam Rock, creating a fun style that many enjoyed.

Having success with both We Are Patterns and Bake Sale, Alex Toast knew he would continue playing music for the rest of his life. School would take him in a new direction, however, and he moved to Minneapolis to attend the University of Minnesota as a Chemistry student in the Institute of Technology. Knowing he would be moving, Alex Toast cut ties with the two bands and began performing as his own entity.

After realizing that chemistry was not the direction for him, Alex dropped out of school at the U of M after one semester. He back home to La Crosse and took a year off from pretty much everything, including music. Recently, however, he has picked up his guitar again and has been playing at various open mics and shows. Now that he's back into the scene again, he hopes to form a new band with an even more exciting and eclectic style than ever before.

Alex Toast has been hailed as "an incredibly entertaining persona, able to keep his audience interested by being the perfect blend of talent and crazy." Check out a show if you get the chance!

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