Acoustic, Indie, Rock
From: Ottawa, ON, Canada

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Hi guys Thank you to those who visit my page, Im Ali Caudle, Canadian born and bred Woop! Music is my passion and I have been singing for years, I think now I can really push for it, I'm currently working on some music with a friend which will be uploaded ASAP once we've finished recording =] Songs are like story's and every story has a meaning, the emotion thats given off is my passion and thats something I like to focus on alot. It Identifies love, passion, poverty, stress, culture, actions, words and you as an individual. Its fun and for those of you unsure about a career as of yet, if you can sing or play an instrument and that is what makes you happy, push for it, talent is everywhere so be part of it and get your views be heard :) Check out these Covers i have done, simply click the link :) I talk alot too but do send the link on if you like :) Please leave comments of any covers you would like me to do to keep you listening while we are recording our own songs Thank yall

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