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From: Mississauga, ON, Canada

Band Members

  • Andrew Martino - Drummer
  • Patrick Sheahan - Rhythm Guitarist/ Backing Vocals
  • Matthew Scigliano - Bassist
  • Michael Tadios - Lead Guitarist/ Backing Vocals

About Band

We are ALL CLEAR! We are a rock band that has built its chemistry and music through just a couple of years. Our influences are Red Hot Chili Peppers, Nickelback, Megadeth, Metallica, Rush, Queen and many others. We have cut people and now have a line that we can really rely on. The Future is Bright.
Let us start with each member of our band:
Matthew Scigliano: Italian [Bassist]: His biggest influence is the late Cliff Burton of Metallica. He has developed his skills and was named the Bassist of ALL CLEAR on January 2007. He and the Lead Guitarist: Michael Tadios has built a bond that every bassist and guitarist should have. He is one of the original members of ALL CLEAR.
Patrick Sheahan: Italian/Irish [Rhythm Guitarist/ Backing Vocalist]: His biggest influence is the very talented Will Smith. He is the newest member of ALL CLEAR and is a great rhythm guitarist. He thinks for the better of the band and we would like to welcome him. He has already developed a bond with Lead Guitarist Michael Tadios and Bassist Matthew Scigliano because he has been a been a close friend for years. He is a key factor in the success of this band.
Andrew Martino: Italian [Drummer]: His biggest influence is Rush's Neil Peart. He and Michael Tadios thought of the name ALL CLEAR while, they were in 's Wonderland. He is a very talented drummer and is also one of the original members of ALL CLEAR. He was named the drummer of ALL CLEAR on August of 2007. He has also developed his improvisation skills. He recently bought a double bass for except some metal from ALL CLEAR in the near future.
Michael Tadios: Filipino [Lead Guitarist/ Backing Vocalist]: His biggest influence is John Frusciante from the Red Hot Chili Peppers. If it were not for him maybe, Michael Tadios would have never picked up a guitar. He has been working on some material with the other band members and would like to welcome Patrick Sheahan into the band. He has progressed a lot through out the year picking up valuable lesson when performing on stage. He has been the longest serving member of ALL CLEAR. He has big plans for the band.

They are now having auditions for a singer and will be successful on finding one.

Former members include Josh Moran, Patrick Galka, Daniel Ta, Joseph Zinck, Martin Shuk and Old Front Man Klint Uzuni who is pursuing a solo career now. Good Luck to him in the near future.

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