All is Well

All is Well

All is Well

Metal, Rock
From: Trenton, ON, Canada

Band Members

  • Terry - vocals/throwdown
  • justin - bass/vocals
  • john doe - guitar
  • roy - vocal/guitar
  • fakie mcname - drums

About Band

The band, hailing from different parts of central Ontario, have been through their own fair share of up's and down's when it comes to the music industry. Some have been close to becoming what everyone dreams of and reaching fame, where other's haven't even been close. Nevertheless, the guys in All Is Well have came together in early February 2007 to form a band that will take your breath away. Everyone in the band has already had previous experiences of being in front of a crowd and performing, they've used those opportunities not to show boat, but better yet to enhance their skills and take it to the next level. The band will be sure to put on the best show that you've seen in a long time when you come to one of the shows that they're playing at.

Lead singer Terry Bowness has a scream and a voice that is undefined and uncharacterized by any other singers out there. Guitarists Roy Borden has the skills to lead an army, wish we could clone him! You will see their dedication when you watch these guys play. Justin Levecque has also had a lot of experience when it comes to playing bass. He knows his stuff, and manages to put forth some sweet basslines. With all of the guys keeping their skills up to pace when it comes to the music, their intentions are not to become the next big thing, but to blow you away when you see them live. These guys have come together to form All Is Well and are now currently in the studio recording their songs. They're ready to put on the best shows of your life and are getting ready to blow you away. These guys are sure to be passing by your town in the very near future so keep an eye out for them very soon, gaurenteed you won't want to miss themCheck us out at we should have a few more songs shortly.

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