All Rightz Reserverd

All Rightz Reserverd

All Rightz Reserverd

Rock, Hip-Hop, Experimental
From: Ormond Beach, FL, United States

Band Members

  • YJ - MC / vocals
  • Tim - guitar / vocals
  • Jonathan - guitar / keyboard / vocals
  • Alex - drums
  • Tilley - Bass

About Band

All Rightz Reserved is the kind of band you want to bring home to mama. Then she will make pies and there will be much rejoicing. After that we will play charades or another silly board game of your choosing.......

Wait. What?!?!

Actually All Rightz Reserved is a kick ass band that is comfortable in any genre they so choose, and always keep their fans guessing on what they will sound like next. Tim, Alex, Sean, and Jonathan had been playing together for about 5 years. They were amazing musicians, just too lazy to do anything about it. Some went off to do other projects, and some stuck around and tried to keep it going. All wasn’t looking too good for our young musicians until they met YJ, a young MC who was willing to give it a try with these losers, and together there wrote this song “Can’t Runaway.” Little did they know that this little ditty they wrote would be their ticket to awesomeness. So with a lineup of YJ, Tim, Alex, and Jonathan, these lucky bastards entered and won battle of the bands, which included 10 hours of free recording time at Earwaves Digital Recording Studio here in the 386. While they were getting ready to record they recruited Zach,”Tilley,” to play bass with them, now with this awesome lineup they have written many a song or 4 and have many more in the making. They are set to record this weekend, so you can now sleep peacefully at night, knowing that you will be able to have some All Rightz Reserved on your iPod before school starts again. ®

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