Rap, Hip-Hop
From: Oceanside, CA, United States

Band Members

  • Tony "Sho-time" Russell - Artist
  • Daren "Dee Champ" Champion - Artist

About Band

 Almighty Boys




 Tony “Sho-Time” Russell of Gary, IN, and Daren “Dee Champ” Champion from Oceanside, CA, find their talents colliding in a brilliant display of energy-making creative power. Together, they are the Almighty Boys. Their up-tempo hip-hop, laced with plenty of Southern flavors, is propulsive, assertive and proves these are artists not to be trifled with. Plenty of attitude and the knuckle to back it up are plainly present in the challenging lyrics and motivating grooves of the Almighty Boys.





 In Control




 Everyone wants power of one kind or another. For some, it comes through music. Music is a harbinger of strength and the power of the individual. With the right manipulation, it brings adoration of fans, financial success and respect and through its message has an impact on the world that hears it. “Music makes me feel powerful,” says Sho-Time. “When I’m at the top of my game, I’m like a tornado tearing a path, taking bits and pieces of everything around me in order to make one big masterpiece.”




 Being Real




 Being fake only sabotages one’s self. Music only has the kind of power of which the Almighty Boys speak when it’s a pure product, not influenced by a desire to deceive. Music must find its source in the true spirit of the artist. Any other motivation or inspiration for music means the artist is conforming himself to something or someone else, trying to reach a false ideal and betraying himself in the process. “Music flows from the heart to the pen, not vice versa,” say the Almighty Boys. “Real MCs make the music, they don’t let the music make them.”




 Real Life




 Part of keeping one’s music aligned with truth is to draw directly form reality. Speak from the heart about the world you know – that’s the best advice Almighty Boys could offer an artist. It’s how they do it. “We’re inspired by everyday events, our surroundings, different emotions and personal experiences – basically life itself inspires us. That’s our biggest influences.” Words have meaning and when they’re wasted on emptiness, it’s an insult to the art. “We’re not like your everyday rappers. They make these catchy hooks but on the verse they’re saying a whole lot of nothing. When you listen to the Almighty Boys, you will see why our unique style and catchy flow has made us one of the best underground rap groups in the game.”




 The Artist at Work




 The Almighty Boys were tapped for the list of top 40 artists of 2006 by Gutta World Magazine. They appeared on a CETV television program at Time Warner Studios in L.A. The Almighty Boys are busy recording their debut, “Almighty Boys Presents: The Sho-Time/Dee Champ Experience.” They are currently working with A&R Select, the world’s leading independent artist development firm, based out of Los Angeles, CA.




 “Pounding energy and hellacious hooks are a slick, sweet vehicle for pay-attention wordplay from the Almighty Boys.” – A&R Select


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