Almost Eliot

Almost Eliot

Almost Eliot

Rock, Funk, Folk
From: Los Angeles, CA, United States

Band Members

  • Matt Riley - Lead vocals, rhythm guitar
  • Caleb Chun - Lead guitar
  • Richard Maya - Bass guitar
  • Mike Lamagna - Drums, percussion

About Band




Almost Eliot has weathered a storm. Through real world pain and disappointment, the band has endured and evolved. Despite physical, financial, musical, and spiritual struggles, honesty and maturity have come to color their sincere melodies, catchy rhythms, and heartfelt hooks. Their message of hope and beauty comes packaged in an appealing alterna-pop, played for a dream these young songsters openly admit is bigger than themselves.



The band takes its name from a hopeful outlook on the inevitable drama of human existence. "T.S. Eliot is my favorite poet," says lead singer Matt Riley. "I associate his works with this intense, profound, but sad beauty. Most of us think our lives are plain and ugly...that we’re this mess of complications.  But we're constantly growing and evolving and I believe that God uses our experiences to change us from something normal into something beautiful. We're becoming that intense, profound work of beauty. We are Almost Eliot. This band is about the soft-spoken power of the ordinary to become beautiful in its time."



Though their anchors are firmly weighed in the waters of pop/rock and alternative music, the band isn’t afraid to set sail for uncharted territory.  Almost Eliot constantly (and pleasantly) surprises the listener with songs that push the envelope of what’s expected of a rock band.  From heartfelt folk to laid-back blues rock, from progressive jams to poppy ballads and even rap, the band has something to satisfy every musical taste.



Idealism aside, Almost Eliot has the musical and songwriting chops to quickly transform casual listeners into die-hard fans. With their relevant sound, honest lyrics, and optimism tempered with real-world savvy, Almost Eliot is proud to bring its unique brand of entertainment that's more than over-produced pop fluff directly to the fans via live shows, free digital downloads, and an upcoming sophomore album estimated for release in Summer, 2008.

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